Seth Rollins: Roman Reigns Is 'Killing It' As WWE Universal Champion

The Messiah had high praise for his old Shield brother

Seth Rollins has hailed Roman Reigns' recent work in WWE, claiming the Universal champion is 'killing the game' with his current iteration as Head Of The Table.

Reigns' heel turn and development into The Tribal Chief in the late summer of 2020 has widely been credited as some of the best work of his career so far, and former Shield teammate Rollins believes fans are seeing the benefit of Reigns taking control of his own character. 

The Big Dog had been pushed heavily by WWE as the new face of the company over the past five years, something that was rejected by fans, but the decision to allow Reigns to align with Paul Heyman has led to some incredible work, something Rollins has noticed from his old tag-team partner.

“He’s absolutely killing the game!" Rollins said on WWE's The Bump. "He’s doing incredible things as the ‘Head of the Table’ and Universal Champion. It’s incredible to watch someone take hold of their own belief system and their own career. 

"He’s a guy who, you know, followed the path before him for years and did the right thing every step of the way. Now, he’s marching to the beat of his own drum. He’s really doing his own thing, and it’s paying dividends.

“Like I said, you can’t back down when people want to push against you. I think, you know, that’s something that’s big in our society today is people wanting to backtrack and not wanting to put their beliefs out there because they’re afraid they’re going to be judged with all this cancel culture going on out there. You can’t do that. You got to put your foot in the ground, and you got to move forward, or no progress will be made.”

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