Seth Rollins Upset About Hostility Towards WWE, Wants Everyone To Come Together

His response to WWE's mass releases has drawn criticism...

Yesterday, WWE released 23 Superstars including Drake Maverick, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Rusev, and EC3. The decision received mass criticism online because WWE is still on course to make record-breaking profits despite the coronavirus pandemic having disrupted the professional wrestling industry.

Former Universal Champion Seth Rollins felt the need to address the negative reaction on Instagram Live. Rollins said he found the hostility towards WWE upsetting and that it doesn't feel like the right time to blame anybody for the decision WWE made. Instead, people should "band together" and try to do the best they can to keep "this business alive." 

The Monday Night Messiah said: "It is just a difficult day for all of us. My heart is broken for all of the guys and girls that I'm really close with that had it the worst today, and that goes for talent that you all see on-screen but also everyone backstage too who aren't on-screen who may not get the social media fanfare that some of the talent is getting. 

"The one thing I am seeing is a little upsetting to me is all the negativity and the hostility towards WWE. This is a difficult day for everyone, for all of us, and I think if ever there were a moment for us to unify, for us to kind of band together, try to do the best we can to keep this business alive the best we know how, this is that moment. 

"And I think pointing fingers or saying 'You should have done this,' 'You should have done that,' I don't know, it just doesn't feel like the time or the place for it. I think this is a day for compassion and for empathy and for understanding and to try and support each other. To pick each other up."

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