Several Things Banned Over WrestleMania Weekend (In And Out Of The Ring)

A warning ahead of time for both fans and wrestlers.

Several things have been banned from all shows across WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and John Pollock of POST Wrestling.

Pollock revealed the following on Twitter:

'I spoke with a member of the Louisiana Boxing & Wrestling Commission today and they confirmed that blood and piledrivers are prohibited on professional wrestling shows, regarding WrestleMania Week shows in and around New Orleans'

This means that blood and piledrivers will not just be banned from WrestleMania 34 and NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, but also from any wrestling shows held in the state of Louisiana.

In more recent news regarding banned items, Dave Meltzer revealed this week that WWE have emailed those who purchased travel packages for WrestleMania 34, and that the email includes a list of banned items.

Beach balls are said to be included on the list, which isn't too surprising given the disruptive effect their use has had on shows in recent years.

Also included are iPads and other tablet devices, which may be the first time such items have been banned from WWE shows, according to this IWNerd report.

Several big shows have been announced for WrestleMania weekend. As well as those held by WWE themselves, big crowds are expected to attend events ran by Ring of Honor and PROGRESS, among others.

IMPACT Wrestling also recently announced a co-promotional event at WrestleCon, which will see members of both the IMPACT and Lucha Underground rosters do battle.

WrestleMania itself takes place on April 8th at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome.

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