Sheamus Addresses WWE Money In The Bank Omission

Sheamus is not booked for the show in London (yet)

WWE star Sheamus believes he should have a match at Money in the Bank. 

The Celtic Warrior is currently not booked on the show, which will emanate from London, England on July 1. 

Speaking with Metro, the member of the Brawling Brutes claimed that he should be the first person WWE think of when it comes to producing a supercard in the United Kingdom. 

"I mean, selfishly I should. If it's with Ridge too, that'd be great. But listen, last time we were in Wales [for Clash At The Castle], I tore the bleeding roof off the place. Nobody came close. Roman, Drew didn't come close – and it was built around that match. Nobody came close to [me and GUNTHER]. Every time I'm in there, I blow the roof off the place. Doesn't matter if it's in Cardiff, Wales, doesn't matter if it's in Lexington, Kentucky, MSG, the reactions I get are insane. Every time I get out there, I put on a banger. I should be the first person they're thinking of – especially when a pay-per-view comes to Europe like that. So yeah, a hundred percent, I should be in there," he said.

Continuing, the former WWE Champion noted that he is not complacent after spending so long in the company and wants to be involved as much as possible:

"Why should I be crossing my fingers? You know what I mean? At this stage, 16 years. I'm not just sitting back and going, "I'm happy to be here", and collect a paycheque. I've never been like that. For me, it's always been about [the] competitive side, the performing aspect. Everything else doesn't even come into my mind. Everything I've done the last 16 years, I should be the number one name that they think of, especially when a pay-per-view comes to London, a stone's throw away from Dublin, it's insane. Especially when I cut my teeth there".

The 45-year-old has previous success at Money in the Bank, winning the titular match to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Title in 2015. It remains to be seen if he makes it onto this year's card. 

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