Sheamus Defeats Riddle To Win WWE US Title At WrestleMania 37

With a hard hitting ending

The first title change of WrestleMania 37's second night came after a brutal, high impact United States title match, in which Sheamus dethroned champion Riddle to capture the gold at Raymond James Stadium.

Down the stretch there were a series of close falls, as well as Riddle sinking in a rear-naked choke at one juncture. In the end, Riddle attempted a quebrada, only to be Brogue Kicked out of the air while he was upside down, leading to the pin. The impact busted open Riddle's mouth.

The reign marks Sheamus' third with the US title, and his first since 2014. It's also Sheamus' second time winning a championship at WrestleMania, after defeating Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania 28 in 2012.

Riddle's reign ends at 49 days, having won the belt in a triple threat match at Elimination Chamber, over champion Bobby Lashley and fellow challenger John Morrison.

Sheamus' victory marks the sixth time in which the United States title changed hands at WrestleMania, and the first since Jinder Mahal won it at WrestleMania 34 in 2018. Prior other winners include John Cena (twice), JBL, and Kevin Owens.

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