Sheamus Feels He Could Wrestle For Another 13 Years

The Celtic Warrior is feeling good as he approaches his 13-year WWE anniversary

WWE star Sheamus is feeling good these days, as he approaches 13 years as a member of WWE's main roster.

The former WWE Champion recently stated that he still has a lot more that he wants to accomplish and plans on wrestling for a lot longer, telling The Five Count Radio Show

"This June 30 I celebrate 13 years in WWE and I feel like I have 13 years left in me to be honest. 

"I'm still having fun, mate, I'm still enjoying what I do, I still love being out in front of a live crowd and knocking the shite out of my opponents, but yeah, I'm having fun. As long as I'm having fun, as long as I'm having fun doing what you want to do, mate, you want to go as long as you possibly can, you know? And that's what I'm doing".

The Celtic Warrior has captured a plethora of titles during his WWE career, as well as winning the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring tournament. 

He is currently leading the Brawling Brutes group, which features the UK's Ridge Holland and Butch alongside the Irishman. 

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