Shelton Benjamin Discovers Loaded Gun In Rental Car

Quite an eventful day for the SmackDown Superstar...

WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin has taken to Twitter after discovering a loaded gun in his rental car.

The SmackDown Live roster member voiced his understandable dismay on social media, having found the weapon in his glove compartment.


The two-time tag team champion tweeted:

'Thank you @Budget (LIT) for your great service of putting my reputation, freedom and quite possibly my life in jeopardy [...] I've unknowingly been driving your car around the last 4 days with a F'N LOADED GUN in the Glove compartment!!'

It's unclear when exactly Benjamin discovered the firearm, although the recent nature of his tweet seems to suggest that it wasn't too long ago.

Benjamin's first spell with WWE began in 2000, when he signed a developmental contract and spent the following two years in developmental territory OVW. His main roster debut came in December 2002 alongside Charlie Haas, collectively known as The World's Greatest Tag Team (under the leadership of Kurt Angle).

He stayed with the company until his release in 2010, whereafter he wrestled in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and various promotions on the independent scene.

In August 2017 it was announced that Benjamin had re-signed with WWE. He was quickly paired with Chad Gable on SmackDown, the younger man's partner having switched to Raw (where he was revealed to be Kurt Angle's kayfabe son).

Together, the Gable and Benjamin have become major players in the SmackDown tag team division, and are currently feuding with The Usos.

Over the course of his WWE career, Benjamin has the Intercontinental Championship on three occasions, as well as the United States Championship once. His two Tag Team Championship reigns came alongside Charlie Haas.

Benjamin has an impressive amateur wrestling background, and became a two-time All American in college. He trained alongside close friend Brock Lesnar, who of course also went on to make a name for himself in the pro wrestling business.

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