Triple H Expected To Gain More Power In WWE Due To XFL

Could Vince be stepping back?

Triple H could be set to gain more power in WWE due to the launch of the XFL in 2020, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

'Even though Vince McMahon said at the XFL press conference that there would be no changes as far as his role in WWE with the forming of the league, the feeling is that Paul Levesque will gain a lot more control just based on the fact he’ll have to because there are only 24 hours a day. He is assembling his team in NXT which is where the Jeremy Borash thing from last week is a lot bigger than just a hire of a guy, and there are other people who have been talked to of late with the idea of being his team and coming up to fill the key positions when he’s in charge, whether that’s next year or the year after. Running NXT to satisfy insider fans is very different than WWE, but there are also good points to it when you look at the presentation of NXT and the booking and long-term plans that don’t change as frequently, and the more organic feel that are a good thing.'

Triple H already has more control over NXT's creative process than Vince McMahon, so this news should excite fans who enjoy the consistent high quality of TakeOver shows.

The Game has already reportedly been handed the reigns of 205 Live, and recent shows have also been met with increased critical acclaim.

It should be reiterated that Vince did explicitly state in his XFL press conference that his WWE role would not change. However, Meltzer's take appears to be that there simply won't be enough time for him to take a leading role in the operation of both WWE and a professional football league.

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