Shinsuke Nakamura Segment Added To WWE Raw

Shinsuke Nakamura to reveal what he whispered to Seth Rollins on Raw

Shinsuke Nakamura will reveal all this Monday on WWE Raw. Two weeks ago, Shinsuke Nakamura solidified a heel turn, attacking the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins after their main event multi-man tag team match. 

He followed this up by explaining his actions last week on Monday Night Raw in an interview alongside Michael Cole, with translations revealing that he needed to feel more like himself, and that frustrations led him to essentially taking matters in his own hands in pursuit of the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Seth Rollins came out to confront Nakamura amidst his interview, saying his piece before shaking his hand. Nakamura followed this up by whispering something ineligible to the audience in Rollins’ ear, which left the champion wide-eyed and frozen in the ring, clearly shocked at what he had heard from Nakamura. It was announced by WWE that Nakamura would be appearing on Raw this coming Monday to reveal what he said to Rollins to warrant that sort of reaction from the champ.

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Written by Andrew Kelly