Shotzi Blackheart Thought RETRIBUTION's Unveiling On WWE Raw Was "Pretty Badass"

"Where do I sign up?!"...

RETRIBUTION's unveiling on this week's Monday Night Raw received an overwhelmingly negative reaction from the professional wrestling world. Fans condemned the opening promo and even Superstars feel like the group has an uphill task to get over with the audience at home after the three men were renamed Slapjack, Mace and T-Bar. 

One person who loved the unveiling, however, was NXT Superstar Shotzi Blackheart. During a recent interview with Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet, The Ballsy Badass said she thought it "was pretty badass" because she likes "the darker side of things."

"I think [their debut] was pretty badass," Blackheart said. "Dio looked like Predator. Everyone was wearing super cool masks. All of that appeals to me because I like the darker side of things and I'm for it. I like masks. I like all of the black. I like the crazy face paint that they're doing. They're wrecking stuff and just being destructive, I'm all for it. I'm like, where do I sign up?!"

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