Stephanie McMahon Doesn't Think Vince McMahon Will Retire Anytime Soon

Vince McMahon will likely never retire from WWE according to Stephanie McMahon

At 76 years old, most people would be counting down the days until they could enjoy their retirement if they hadn’t done so already. But Vince McMahon is no ordinary 76 year-old.

The longstanding CEO of WWE has shown little signs of slowing down, recently appearing on WWE TV to promote a match between Pat McAfee and Vince’s protege Austin Theory. In conversation with D Magazine, Vince's daughter Stephanie McMahon indicated that she wouldn’t be surprised to see her father step foot in a ring again:

“So I’m neither confirming nor denying anything, but in the hypothetical, if I were to see my father get into the ring, I would say probably the same thing I would as an employee working for the company: I feel bad for whoever he’s in there with! Vince McMahon doesn’t lose! Vince McMahon will pull every trick out of the book, and he’ll create some new ones along the way! I am not worried about Vince McMahon at all. I worry about everyone else in there with him,” said Stephanie.

Rumours about Vince stepping down from his position as WWE CEO have been rumbling for a couple of years now, but Stephanie wouldn’t bank on it happening anytime soon, if ever:

"He has said, I think, publicly that he will ‘die in the chair.’ We’ll see. Who knows? Life is long and unpredictable, but somehow, I don’t see him retiring any time soon.” 

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