Stephanie McMahon: Peacock Deal Allows WWE To Focus on Content And Storytelling

Peacock took on the WWE Network in the United States in March

Stephanie McMahon has been discussing the positives and drawbacks of WWE's deal with Peacock, saying it allows the promotion to focus on content production and storytelling.

WWE sold the rights to the WWE Network in the United States in March, with Peacock agreeing a five-year deal with the promotion to host the streaming service.

WWE Chief Brand Officer McMahon says the deal allows the promotion to focus on 'what we do best', but says the company does not get as much data as they used to about their viewers.

Speaking with Leaders Business, she said: "WWE always wants to be slightly ahead of the curve. Not so far ahead of the curve that people don't understand what we're doing and certainly not behind. We were one of the first to launch our direct-to-consumer property WWE Network over seven years ago and we're one of the first to now license our content to Peacock, working with best-in-class partners NBCU, who have been our partners for over 30 years. 

"This enables us to also not have to be competitive in the technology streaming environment and allows us to do what we do best which is content production and storytelling. It's consistent that we're still getting our data, not as much data, so maybe that is a little bit of a downside, but when you think about the economics, scale, reach, and added value for our fans -- our fans were paying $9.99 per month for all of WWE Network.

"Now, with Peacock, if they want to continue to pay $9.99 they certainly can for the ad-free model, but they also get all the additional content across Peacock. They can also do the $4.99 model, which is ad-supported, or the free model. It's added value for our fans, economic scale and reach for WWE and reaching more people and bringing them into the fold."

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