Cody Rhodes Bringing Back Old AEW Theme At Double Or Nothing

Snoop Dogg's remixed version will soon be no more

The original version of 'Kingdom' by Downstait will be returning at Double Or Nothing, Cody Rhodes has revealed.

The American Nightmare told "Yeah. I'm going to switch back to it at the pay-per-view. I think we indicated that to a degree on social. Well, Brandi's got her opinions. Brandi is a fan of the Snoop Dogg version of Kingdom. And I am a fan of both versions. Of course the Snoop version, but this version was something that's actually been tweaked to a degree by Mikey Ruckus. The original version will play this weekend, live in front of a full capacity crowd at Double or Nothing."

Cody has been using Snoop Dogg's remixed version of the song since January, but many preferred the original by Downstait and Rhodes hinted he would be making the switch last week. 

The two-time TNT Champion also discussed developing the song with Downstait and he admitted he didn't realise how much people liked it.

"We actually worked really closely on it. I think Justin [Call] and I spoke, but I was able to just give them my, I guess, theme. Really the theme of me, and what I was going through at the time when I left WWE in 2015. I wanted an original song. They're so active in the wrestling community, and so beloved, and they were able to turn it around. We gave them a couple of comparables, like Throne, that song Throne, some Yellowcard stuff that I had really liked, but they were able to make their own piece of business out of it," he added.

"And I didn't know how beloved it was. And so I chose the song, and that's just a great sign, because I carried that song with me through New Japan, through Ring of Honor, on every independent show I could be on, and moving it further into All Elite Wrestling. That song will be with me wherever I go."

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