Stu Grayson Returns To AEW On Rampage

The Dark Order regains an original member

Founding Dark Order member Stu Grayson returned to AEW on Friday night's episode of Rampage, reuniting with the group.

The return took place during a backstage segment where The Dark Order were confronted by Jose the Assistant. Group member 10 told Jose he was challenging Rush to a match for next week.

After Jose left the interview area, the group started putting their hands in for a show of unity, during which one last hand joined the pile, and it was revealed to be that of Grayson.

It was announced on May 2 that Grayson had parted ways with AEW, after he and the company failed to come to terms on a new contract. Since then, Grayson has mostly wrestled for Canadian indies, though did team with Evil Uno in New York for House of Glory last month, in a match with The Briscoes.

Grayson and Uno were the first two official members of The Dark Order when the group debuted at AEW's inaugural event, the 2019 Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. The two have been teaming together since 2006.

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