Tasha Steelz Open To Joining AEW, WWE

Where could Tasha Steelz end up after IMPACT?

IMPACT Wrestling are well known for having one of the strongest women’s rosters in American wrestling, but that doesn’t mean that their contracted talents aren’t open for moves elsewhere.

Take Tasha Steelz, as the former IMPACT Knockouts World Champion told Busted Open Radio that she is open to joining AEW or WWE if the opportunity arose:

“I do actually make a list for myself and it’s crazy because every time I’m doing an interview with somebody and they’ll say, ‘Oh, what do you see yourself doing in five years?’ Or, ‘What’s your dream match?’ And every time I would mention it, it would happen. Kind of like a manifestation so we’re just manifesting in the fact that, you know, I’ll have my time with IMPACT and once that time comes for me to really make that decision of, ‘okay, what does Tasha Steelz do next?’ We’ll see if it goes into WWE, if it stays with IMPACT, if it goes with AEW, you just never know. All this flava can be spread around. Flava is forever and not everybody has it so, gotta share the wealth there,” said Steelz.

Steelz admitted that there are plenty of wrestlers she’d like to face, but many are outside of IMPACT’s reach:

“I have dreams, I have goals. There’s so many people I would love to get in the ring with and unfortunately, we don’t have that forbidden door to do that so, if that means I have to, you know, go elsewhere to have these dream matches, that’s fine. But, I always like to keep my options open because it’s so many great talents out there that I would just love to mix it up with and you know, before I can’t anymore, I need to get that done. That’s at the top of the list for me,” said Steelz.

As for which she’d prefer out of AEW or WWE, Steelz admitted it’s not so straight forward:

“It’s mixed emotions for me because I wanna main event an IMPACT pay-per-view. I think I’ve done a couple of their first-evers with the rest of the Knockouts and have won so, I’ve done that. I’ve been world champion there, done that. Been two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion, done that. Also, I would love for Fire ‘N Flava to have a reunion. So, that also runs through my mind. I also want to have — which is what everybody wants to have — is their WrestleMania moment so it’s just such a mixed emotion of just wanting to combine all three and you can’t [Steelz laughed]. But, I’m just keeping an open mind and wherever I am and me being currently with IMPACT right now, wherever I go in the future, I know me being the brightest star in the sky, I’m gonna shine regardless,” said Steelz.

Steelz’ former Fire ’N’ Flava tag partner Kiera Hogan is part of AEW.

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