Taz Criticises Kevin Owens WWE Raw Segment

The announcer felt the Kevin Owens segment was similar to a recent AEW one

AEW announcer Taz has taken a shot at WWE over the Kevin Owens segment from this past Monday's episode of Raw. 

On the show, Owens came out dressed as Steve Austin (complete with bald cap), fooling fans into thinking that Stone Cold himself was there. 

Taz brought up on social media how he felt the segment was similar to Don Callis coming out to Kenny Omega's theme music during the AEW Revolution buy-in show. 

Fans were quick to point out that parody segments like that have been done countless times in wrestling, leading Taz to note that he expects more from WWE's '76,000' writers. 

'And Chris Candido came out dressed like me to my music and that was probably mid 90s… obviously it's not nothing new, but it was just done so recently. I would expect more from a company with 76,000 writers'.

When a fan commented that Vince McMahon lives 'rent-free' in the former ECW Champion's head, Taz responded with: 

'Oh please get the f*ck out of here dude! I'm just trying to have some fun with fans on here. Here is a history lesson, I quit their company. my choice…do the math. Very ridiculous statement by you. And I don’t need your disingenuous bullsh*t 'all due respect'. Have a nice day!'

Steve Austin is set to confront Kevin Owens during an episode of The KO Show at WrestleMania 38 Night One, on April 2.

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