The Bella Twins Praise Kofi Kingston For Help In WWE

"Kofi's been one person who's never changed."

The Bella Twins have thanked Kofi Kingston for his help and advice when they first arrived in WWE. 

Nikki and Brie Bella will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as members of the Class Of 2020 on Tuesday, having enjoyed immensely successful careers within the promotion. 

The twins welcomed former WWE Champion Kingston onto their podcast this week and thanked him for all the advice he gave them during their early days on the roster, saying that one of their favourite qualities about him is that Kingston is the same person now that he was back then. 

Speaking on their YouTube channel, as a part of the Hall of Fame Diaries, they said: "Just some of the things you would tell us in the advice, but you're rare. And there are some people that...and you've never changed. We always talk about it... a lot of people actually talk about it. Like Kofi's been one person who's never changed.

"He's the same person from day one. But that really helped Nicole and I. We're just so grateful for you and so thankful. Because you have no idea what it did for us."

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