The Bollywood Boyz: We Thought We'd Work More When Jinder Mahal Was WWE Champion

The Singh Brothers became little more then high profile bump machines during Jinder’s title reign

Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title run was a divisive one amongst fans, but no matter your thoughts on the reign, WWE at least attempted to make a new star out of Mahal.

WWE also had the opportunity to make something of The Bollywood Boyz Samir and Sunil Singh, who were positioned on WWE TV as Mahal’s lackeys, and now in conversation with Sean Waltman on Pro Wrestling 4 Life, The Singh Brothers admitted they thought they’d get more opportunities to shine:

"When Jinder got the title, we felt like [we would work more] but it never happened and we felt strung along for a little bit,” said Sunil Singh “I got hurt for a few months with a torn ACL. Other than that, we were just waiting and thought we'd get that run.”

"When Jinder dropped the title, we were looking over our shoulders and thought, 'is this it for us?'" added Samir. "For three straight years, we still got booked. I remember Michael Hayes sitting us down when my brother was injured and he was like, 'We applaud you for everything you've done and you work hard so we'll keep you going with Jinder and we'll get you in tag matches and do six-man matches.' When my brother was out, I wasn't sure what they would do with me, but they kept us going because they appreciated the work we were doing."

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