Epico Colon Claims WWE's Vince McMahon Wanted To Re-Sign Carlito

Politics reportedly got in the way...

Back in October 2019, Savio Vega revealed WWE had tried to re-sign Carlito during an appearance on Hannibal TV. The deal was never finalised, however, and the former Intercontinental Champion has continued to wrestle on the independent wrestling circuit. 

More details on Carlito's negotiations with WWE have now emerged as during a recent interview with Super Luchas, Epico Colon claimed Vince McMahon wanted to re-sign Caribbean Cool but backstage politics prevented both parties from reaching an agreement. 

Epico said: "We talked with Vince, Michael Hayes was behind us and gave Vince this signal, The OK signal. Sounds good. Sounds great. So we said, 'So let’s bring Carly!'

"But in all this process, three months happened and, politically, other people with power within WWE interfered. I don't know if Carly made this person mad, but when he called Carly, he just offered him the money on the level of a development contract. Take it or leave it. So Carlito said, 'No. I don't need the WWE, the WWE needs me.' So we understand that there was something interfering between us and Vince because we have a great relationship with Vince.

"One day we were talking with the Director of Talent Relations. We asked him about Carly, but he told us that Vince has not given the 'OK' so we told him, 'Let’s go to talk with Vince. He's there.'

"He was afraid of that, but we said to him, 'Yes! We have confidence with Vince.' So we grabbed him by the arm and we go to Vince's office. He's on the phone and we asked him about Carlito and Carrano asks, 'What are we doing with Carlito?' And Vince made this signal (Thumbs up). Vince approved the idea, but after several weeks we realised that Carlito's return to the company was no longer going to materialise."

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