The Hoff's Hulkster Heat & CM Punk's New Tattoo: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Bash at the Baywatch!

A WWE star announced they were pregnant, one of the world's most popular musicians won a WWE title and another NXT TakeOver is in the books. 

Those are just a few of the major happenings from another rollercoaster week in the world of wrestling. 

Plenty more happened, of course, you just may not have seen or heard about it. And that applies to the wider wrestling landscape, too, not just WWE. 

As usual, social media, podcasts and even the mainstream media have provided the expected confrontations, funny exchanges and other nuggets that may have gone undetected over the course of the past seven days.

So, as is now tradition (hey, this feature has been going for two weeks so it's a tradition, OK?), we have compiled ten of these into one nice, digestible piece of wrestling story pie. 

Dig in! 

10. AEW Commentator Calls Kenny Omega 'WWE Champion'

16965 ross

Another week, another simple mistake from legendary professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross that was jumped on by the internet wrestling community. 

On this week's episode of AEW Dynamite, Good Ol' JR erroneously referred to AEW Champion Kenny Omega as the 'WWE Champion'. 

Social media was quick to point out the flub to the Hall of Famer, who replied to a tweet by Fightful by saying 'Yep. Heat of the battle. Live TV. My bad...'

To be fair to Ross, he was employed by Vince McMahon's company for the best part of twenty five years and also often spends a great deal of time discussing WWE-related topics for his podcast Grilling JR. 

The actual WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, chimed in by posting a picture of himself with the caption 'The WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre is not impressed or amused'. 

So that's Omega versus McIntyre confirmed for WrestleMania then is it, or am I....? 

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