The IInspiration Resolved Their Visa Issues Only A Few Weeks Before IMPACT Bound For Glory

Everything is sorted ahead of the October 23 PPV

Speaking at an IMPACT Press Pass ahead of Bound For Glory, The IInspiration revealed their visa issues were only resolved a few weeks ago. 

"When the rumours were kinda going around about Slammiversary, our visa issues were not even nearly fixed. We actually had our agent come in and save the day, he was our knight in shining armor, and he took on the responsibility of taking over our visa so that we could work in this country and continue to wrestle like we want to do," Cassie Lee said.

Jessica McKay added: "I want to say it was cutting it close, I'll be honest. It was weeks and then everything was finalised, so we were hoping it was Bound For Glory, and we were praying, and I'm so glad that that worked out. But there was a couple of times where I was like struggling to figure out a timeline. But thank goodness it's all done and sorted. Like Cass said, our agent came in and just absolutely saved us. And now we're gonna be at Bound For Glory, biggest show of the year, you know, sold-out arena, tag team championship match, you know, it's all coming together, coming up roses."

Formerly known as The IIconics in WWE, The IInspiration noted in the summer they would not be able to continue working in the US unless they secured green cards or sponsorship. Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay previously worked for WWE but they were released by the company in April of this year. 

It was revealed in early October that The IInspiration had signed with IMPACT Wrestling and they will debut in the promotion at Bound For Glory in a Knockouts Tag Team Title Match against Decay. 

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