Cody Rhodes Comments On Arn Anderson AEW Glock Promo

Armed Anderson didn’t surprise The American Nightmare

We are several weeks removed from Arn Anderson’s seminal ‘pull out the Glock’ speech on AEW: Dynamite, and fans and wrestlers alike are still dissecting The Enforcer’s frankly out-of-the-blue remark.

Now Cody Rhodes has commented.

Rhodes was the target of the promo, with Anderson explaining how Cody has gone soft whilst Arn Anderson is still a tough old sun of a gun, with Rhodes saying the following on After Hours with Defo and Lubie when talking about ‘cancel culture’ in wrestling:

“Arn Anderson started talking about a Glock on television and simulated with his hand putting a Glock to my head,” started Rhodes “I'm positive that nobody would have been able to get away with that from my generation, but Arn, there's such a charm to this retired coach of mine just telling me he's going to shoot me on television. It was definitely pushing the envelope, but they were able to make a joke of it and move forward. Our fans aren't rallying behind the idea of holding everybody accountable for things within a television show."

H/T: Fightful

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