The Miz: Chad Gable Is A Moneymaker

The Miz is a big believer in Chad Gable and sees him as a future breakout star

WWE Raw star Chad Gable has a big fan in The Miz, who sees the amateur standout as the next breakout star. 

Speaking on the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast, the former two-time WWE Champion heaped praise on Gable and noted his evolution since being promoted to the main roster and transitioning from a tag team specialist to singles competitor. 

"Chad Gable first came in with Jason Jordan, right. Amazing tag team, incredible. [But it] didn't click, like it didn't get to the upper echelons, but [they] won things and did stuff and was in there. Then they took him and said 'Alright, you're going to be a singles competitor. You'll be Shorty G'. And everyone was like ‘What?'. 

"Honestly, sometimes it's just 'I see something in you. Let's see if we can get something out of you. Let's see if we can find something that's different than everybody else'. And most times, the fans or the critics will be like, 'Why are they doing this? This guy went to the Olympics'. Like we're just trying to find something here. In my mind, that's what they're doing. So then he did it. He took it, and I thought he did exceptional at it".

The Miz went on to say he foresees the Alpha Academy member being a main-eventer and somebody who draws for the company. 

"He didn't get to the upper echelons, or whatever, but he took that character and made something out of it. And now you look at Chad Gable. Guess what? He found his voice. He found his character. And now you look at him and you go, 'Oh wow, this is a moneymaker'. This character is a moneymaker all the way. I look at that and I go. He's ready. He's prepared. 

"Now he just needs the battles to do work himself up, and every time they take something and it's like, 'You won't be doing this. You won't be doing that'. Take it with a grain of salt. Be like. 'Alright, no problem. Whatever you give me, I'm gonna make it gold'. And that's what he's been doing. And as he keeps doing that, we're gonna see Chad Gable be a contender. And a superstar. And I think a main event or a person that put asses in seats. So I think if he keeps working at it and keeps going, he's going to be something even more special than he already is".

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