The Miz Guarantees John Morrison Will Be In WWE's Main Event Scene

"He has the talent, the mic skills, the in-ring skills, the character."

The Miz believes it is only a matter of time before tag-team partner John Morrison is involved in the main event scene in WWE. 

Morrison, while a World champion in four different companies across the world, has never won the WWE Title, although he has challenged for the promotion's biggest belt on a number of occasions. 

The 41-year-old has worked alongside Miz on his most recent run in WWE, having returned to the promotion in 2019, during which time he has been a Tag Team champion. 

Morrison stood alongside Miz during his WWE Championship run earlier this year and 'The A-Lister' believes it won't be long until Morrison himself is in that picture.

Speaking on Ryan Satin's Out Of Character Podcast, The Miz said: "It’s about timing and finding that right timing. Some people are like, ‘Well, he’s only doing this, he’s only doing that.’ Let me tell you something. John Morrison will be in the main event scene, I guarantee it. 

"He has the talent, the mic skills, the in-ring skills, the character. He has everything it takes to be a main-event calibre player in the WWE. It’s just finding that wave and riding it.

"To be honest, he’s already there. It’s just waiting for that opportunity to arrive where it’s like, ‘Oh, now we’re in it.’"

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