The Miz Thinks The Sky Is The Limit For Jake Paul In WWE

Could Jake follow brother Logan into WWE rings?

Should Jake Paul follow big brother Logan into the squared circle, The Miz believes the professional boxer could be a big star. 

Speaking with TMZ, Miz said he thinks the sky is the limit for Jake if he can take to the business like his older sibling:

"If he has the heart, the dedication and the mind to step in and do what Logan did to get to where he is, then [the] sky's the limit," said the former WWE Champion.

"Logan was the fastest person I've ever trained that got it. It was incredible. He's been able to do a lot of great things. For him to come into WWE in a short amount of time to learn what he's learned is incredible. If Jake can do the same, that's a pretty good tag team," he added.

Concluding, Miz said: "I think they're used to that kind of entertainment aspect, but it's getting the stuff inside the ring down. If he dedicates himself to WWE and what we do, who knows? I could see it. It would be great".

Jake Paul got his first real taste of WWE at Crown Jewel, when he ran interference to counteract The Bloodline for Logan during his Undisputed WWE Universal Title match with Roman Reigns.

Jake revealed that he was 'open' to a WWE run following the event. 

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