The Resurrection Of The Blue Meanie & Lita's Strenuous Situation: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

I personally would LOVE to get paid again and again for work I did decades ago...

It strikes me that today, June 25, is a day of significant wrestling (or at least WWE) history. 

Two King of the Ring pay-per-views went down on this day, with the 1995 and 2000 versions of the tournament taking place. One of those tournament winners worked out slightly better than the other. 

Then there was the Madison Square Garden episode of Raw in 2001, with the Invasion kicking off proper as Mike Awesome gatecrashed the broadcast and pinned Rhyno to become Hardcore Champion, the first time an active WCW competitor had won one of WWE's title belts. 

A year later, WWE taped an episode of SmackDown on June 25 and some guy called 'John Cena' made his debut. Four years on from that, Cena was one of the top stars in the company and, bizarrely, squaring off with ECW's Sabu in a Lumberjack match at Vengeance. 

And what a strange show that was! 

Kane versus imposter Kane, Kurt Angle's last pay-per-view appearance before his controversial WWE departure, Mick Foley purposefully dogging it in a bout with Ric Flair and the Spirit Squad headlining opposite DX. 

Strange, history-making times. 

Will history be made once again on June 25 at some point during tonight's SmackDown? 

I think the best chance we've got is a record-low rating, the way things are currently going. 

Anyway, have some stories, tweets and opinions from some of wrestling's most colourful characters, in loving memory of one of them, the Blue Meanie*. 

*he's not dead and hoaxes aren't funny, but we'll get there...

10. Straight-Edge Shooting

Cm punk 2012

CM Punk's Twitter Q&A sessions are typically interesting and rarely fail to produce a newsworthy take or nugget of information. 

This week was no different, as the Straight-Edge Superstar questions a whole range of topics. 

The highlights were Punk bemoaning the fact that neither he nor any other WWE superstars receive royalties for footage that is shown on the WWE Network on Peacock, his idea for a triple threat match between himself, John Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania 29 (elimination rules with himself getting eliminated first) and how the one match he would redo over would be his 'last one'. 

The Second City Saint - who mentioned that the thing that would get him to make an appearance on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions would be 'money' - responded to a Fightful tweet about the newsworthy bits of the Q&A by telling them they need to cut him a cheque every time they write something he says up as 'news'. 

Sorry, Punk, but it's been seven-odd years since you quit the business and you're still one of the more compelling personalities in it. 

The Texas Rattlesnake replied to Punk's cheque tweet with 'No sh*t. Me Too'. 

Steve austin cm punk twitter

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