The Undertaker Accused Of Ruining People's Childhoods By Opening Up About WWE Career

Some fans have not been happy about The Undertaker's decision to open up about his life and career.

During his three decades of portraying The Undertaker character, Mark Calaway went to great lengths to maintain kayfabe and pretty much never gave interviews (save for when he became The American Badass between 2000 and 2003).

Since he officially retired, the WWE Hall of Famer has been the subject of a behind-the-scenes WWE Network documentary on his career and now hosts his own podcast (while also doing a live touring Q&A show).

For some fans, this has not been a welcome development. 

Speaking about the reaction to his decision to open up during a recent edition of Six Feet Under, the 58-year-old said: 

"There are people out there that are still mad at me. There are a tonne of people that love the fact that I'm talking and doing the 1 Deadman Show and Six Feet Under, but there are still a large group of people that are really upset with me because I don't talk about taking souls and I've kind of opened up, to the point where people have accused me of ruining their childhood".

Calaway recently explained why he believes his famed WrestleMania winning streak would have ended earlier had he not become The American Badass.

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