The Undertaker Heavily Criticises AEW, Questions If Tony Khan Should Run The Promotion

The Undertaker has shared his thoughts on AEW, and Tony Khan

The Undertaker has shared his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling, with the WWE icon revealing some criticisms towards the promotion.

Taker was speaking on a Q&A edition of his Six Feet Under podcast when he shared his thoughts on AEW:

“Hopefully, one day, AEW gets their crap together and genuinely creates some competition,” said Undertaker. “That’s probably not a popular take from most WWE insiders, but from the way I look at it, competition is only going to make you better.

“I don’t think there’s a really true leader in the locker room. I have nothing against the man, but I don’t know if Tony [Khan] is the guy to run the company. His heart is in a good place and he wants to do something, but I don’t know if he has the acumen to run a wrestling company against the juggernaut that is the WWE.

“I could be wrong. There was that one other time I was wrong [laughs]. I hope they do get it together and we do have some competition. It’s better for the wrestlers. It’s better for the audience, the fans, everything.”

AEW President Tony Khan has said he hopes the company reaches ‘established challenger’ brand status come 2025.

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