The Undertaker Reveals He Considered Fighting In UFC

The Dead Man in the octagon? He certainly considered it

It’s no secret that The Undertaker likes his MMA, with the ‘purest striker in WWE’ adopting several MMA techniques into his arsenal during his in-ring career.

Despite dominating the pro-wrestling world, Taker has admitted that he considered a run in UFC, telling the Shan and RJ Radio Show:

“It was probably 15 years ago, maybe more,” Undertaker started. “UFC was really coming along, and I’ve always liked tests, testing myself in one way or another. I boxed a little coming up as a kid in my late teens but I think if I had had any kind of wrestling pedigree, I might have just tried to dip my toe in there. My love has always been for the WWE and what we do. I just thoroughly enjoy what we do. Occasionally, you want to test the waters and see how you match up with people’s different genres and sports. That was probably the biggest reason why I didn’t, and probably Vince would’ve had a coronary. He would’ve said, ‘You want to do what?’ He would’ve probably balked at the idea, but I think if I had a stronger amateur wrestling background, I might have tested the waters.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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