The Undertaker's 5 Greatest WWE Rivals

"The Deadman" had quite the gallery of nemeses...

After close to 30 years as WWE's resident "Man in Black", The Undertaker appears to have finally hung up the brimmed hat and duster for the final time. At age 55, "The Phenom" need do no more to solidify his place among the company's (and the industry's) all-time greats, a mythic figure that combined the chilling aura of a classic horror movie monster, the shadowy heroics of Batman, and the galvanized gunslinger swagger of Clint Eastwood.

But Undertaker needed more than aura and image to truly became a legend - he needed compelling rivals. Through his three decades with WWE, The Undertaker has fought in many high-profile matches,  against opponents worthy of standing across the ring from him. Some of 'Taker's nemeses have had more lasting power than others, continuing to pop up as nuisances, perhaps going so far as to try and imperil his vaunted WrestleMania streak.

So who *are* Undertaker's all-time greatest rivals? It's a challenging list to put together, so in order to do it, you only choose from the cream of the crop.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

8677 the undertaker stone cold steve austin summerslam 1998

Stone Cold just edges out Triple H, Batista, and a few others for the fifth spot, on the merit of the build to their clash at SummerSlam 1998, dubbed "The Highway to Hell". The two anti-heroes' occupation of the same spaces on Raw and pay-per-views made for compelling drama.

Later dust-ups between the two (including an attempted embalming, and unmotivated Austin kicking around in 2002) were admittedly less fun. In prior instances, there existed a certain magic whenever Austin and Undertaker squared off, two proud Texans that refused to budge.

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