Chris Jericho's 5 Strangest Feuds

AEW's "Le Champion" has embarked on a career path unlike most...

When you think of Chris Jericho's best feuds, certain templates come to mind: scientific and high-flying battles with comparable peers (Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit), competitive rivalries with the cream of the crop (The Rock, Shawn Michaels the first time), and deeply-personal issues with men he had no problem trying to maim (Shawn Michaels the second time, Jon Moxley). No doubt, Jericho's versatility as a performer has been evident through the years, and is key to him shining in storylines of varying tones.

It's that versatility that has led to him being part of some rather offbeat angles across his three decades inside the ring. Remember when WWE would trot out those fish-out-of-water "guest hosts" on Raw a decade back? Jericho *always* shared a segment or two with them on each episode, because WWE knew they could count on Jericho to make chicken salad out of the pile before him. Lucky Chris.

With Jericho preparing to take on everyone's favourite "Messiah of Meh", Orange Cassidy, at AEW Fyter Fest, let's take a gander at some of Jericho's most unusual rivalries from over the years.


5. Vs. Perry Saturn (1999)

Jericho saturn

After a planned feud with Goldberg fizzled out for apparent political reasons, Jericho treaded aimlessly through the midcard until he happened upon the irascible Saturn. It *could* have been a straightforward battle of hard-hitting roughneck vs. arrogant heel, but no.

Instead, the feud, which spanned a few pay-per-views, included a corrupt referee (anyone remember Scott Dickinson?), Saturn being forced to wear a dress (and liking it), and, finally, Saturn upending Jericho in a dog collar match. Months later, Jericho left the company.

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