The Undertaker's WWE SummerSlam 2019 Opponent Potentially Revealed

The Phenom teams with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules on Sunday...

There is a chance that WWE have revealed The Undertaker's opponent for this year's SummerSlam.

Local advertising for The Biggest Event Of The Summer has The Deadman in singles action against Drew McIntyre.

Obviously, you should be taking this match announcement with a pinch of salt, but the presence of 'Taker is newsworthy as when announcing the placeholder matches that will eventually be replaced by the actual card for an event, WWE often pit the current Universal Champion against their main TV rival at the time, the current WWE Champion against their main TV rival, and so on.

Undertaker and McIntyre, while currently feuding on TV at the moment, is a change from the norm and should be taken notice of.

This weekend sees The Phenom and Scottish Psychopath on opposites sides of the ring at Extreme Rules. 'Taker will be teaming with Roman Reigns against the tandem of McIntyre and The Best In The World, Shane McMahon.

Presumably, something is going to go down on Sunday to set up a huge meeting between 'Taker and Drew at SummerSlam.

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