The Young Bucks Further Tease Kevin Owens Joining AEW

Could Kevin Steen become All Elite?

The Young Bucks are at it again. No sooner did Kevin Owens reference his allegedly expiring WWE contract, then Matt and Nick Jackson changed their Twitter bio to tease Kevin Steen joining AEW.

So what did The Bucks change their bio to? Just simply ‘mrow’ - Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, the PWG faction that originally consisted of Matt and Nick Jackson, Adam Cole, and Kevin Steen (Owens).

Young bucks mrow bio nov 2021

The Bucks' message echoed a Tweet from Adam Cole in 2016, shortly before he joined WWE NXT, where The Budge posted a picture of himself, The Young Bucks, and Kevin Steen with the hashtag #MROW, and with three quarters of the group now in AEW, many fans are hoping that Owens will become Steen once more and join his pals.

Of course, we all know that The Young Bucks like to have fun with the internet wrestling community and wrestling news pages alike, and often use their bio messages to further angles, poke fun at real-life occurrences in the business, or fuel rumours - probably just to see how far the flames spread.

This isn’t the first time The Bucks have referenced The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, having changed their bio to the actual Mount Rushmore’s co-ordinates in September, after Owens himself Tweeted and subsequently deleted the co-ordinates on his Twitter page.

Time will tell if this is another step in getting Kevin Steen into AEW, or just four friends having a little fun. As of writing, The Young Bucks have changed their bio, again, but it doesn't concern Kevin Owens, this time.

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