The Young Bucks Reveal How Many Seats Have Been Sold For AEW On TNT Premiere

For what's been called a sell out...

All Elite Wrestling hasn't had too many problems moving tickets for their events thus far, selling out a few ten thousand seat venues in rather impressive time.

The latest claimed sell out is the AEW on TNT premiere, which takes place October 2. The Capital One Arena in Washington, DC reportedly sold out for the event in two hours, despite there being technical issues on Ticketmaster's end.

But how many tickets were sold in all?

According to The Young Bucks on the latest edition of Being the Elite, 10,000 seats in all were sold for the show. The Capital One Arena houses more seats (over 20,600), but for modern-era wrestling events, scores of seats tend to be made unavailable due to production needs, like entrance sets and such.

"It's considered a sell out right now, but production is killing about two thousand seats," said Nick Jackson. "Those will be open soon, I hope. We hope to get them soon, but this is unbelievable."

Nick also added he thought they were only going to move five thousand seats on that first day, saying, "I always underestimate."

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