TKO Group Holdings Believe Vince McMahon Could Negatively Impact The Business

Some within TKO Group Holdings believe Vince McMahon could have an adverse effect on business

Vince McMahon’s exit and subsequent return to WWE was certainly controversial, with McMahon making headlines for his part in a hush money scandal in 2022 - one that would see his initial exit from WWE.

McMahon returned to the company in order to facilitate a sale to Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor Group, with WWE and UFC merging under the TKO Group umbrella upon the formal completion of the deal in September 2023.

As part of the merger, McMahon has found himself as the Executive Chairman of the Board, but in regulatory filings obtained by Axios, some within TKO believe McMahon could have a negative effect on business:

"McMahon's membership on our Board could expose us to negative publicity and/or have other adverse financial and operational impacts on our business. His membership also may result in additional scrutiny or otherwise exacerbate the other risks described herein. Any of these outcomes could directly or indirectly have adverse financial and operational impacts on our business.”

Neither McMahon or TKO Group have commented on the remarks.

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