TNA Hard To Kill 2024 Results

All the action from the return of TNA at Hard to Kill 2024

TNA! TNA! TNA! We bid farewell to IMPACT Wrestling and welcome back Total Nonstop Action as the first show of the new TNA era aired with Hard to Kill coming live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The road here was a long one, but how will TNA look heading into the future? Read on for all the results from this historic show.

Eric Young opened the show announcing in front of the assembled TNA roster that TNA has been slept on for far too long, remarking that “we are TNA Wrestling, and we are Hard to Kill” as the fans went old-skool swinging their rally towels above their heads.

Gisele Shaw  def. Xia Brookside, Jody Threat, Tasha Steelz, Alisha Edwards, & Dani Luna - Ultimate X

No better way to bring back TNA than with Ultimate X - the 51st in company history, and only the second in Knockouts division history.

Knockouts World Title shot on the line with all six competitors rushing to the corners as the bell rang. Xia Brookside started brightly, tangling with Jody Threat and Dani Luna, but a big kick to the mush from Gisele Shaw put an end to her momentum. Threat and Luna soon faced off in a battle of the punk icons, Luna nailing exploder suplexes for fun before hitting a tope onto Shaw. Brookside then joined in with a big diving crossbody onto Shaw and Luna, before all three were wiped out by a Wildchild Cannonball from Threat.

Threat made the first real attempt for the X, climbing the truss with Alisha Edwards on her back like Yoda, before Edwards fell and landed on everyone outside. Not wanting to be left out, Tasha Steelz met Threat on the truss and cuttered her to the fray on the floor.

Brookside was the first to make it to the cables, but a dominant Dani Luna caught her with a powerbomb after singlehandedly wiping out the rest of the field. Luna went to give Alisha a powerbomb of her own from the cables but ate a DDT, before Edwards grabbed Kendra the kendo stick and just wellied everyone with it. The crowd went wild as Threat hit a double Pop Shove-It on Edwards and Brookside, then made even more noise as Shaw took Threat off the cables with a big spear, a big “thank you Knockouts” chant ringing out.

Luna, Steelz, and Shaw found themselves in a race to the X across the cables, and eventually only Shaw was left hanging, grabbing the X and earning herself a future Knockouts World Title shot.

Backstage we saw an aggrieved AJ Francis and DJ Whoo Kid after their pre-show run in with Joe Hendry.

PCO def. Dirty Dango by DQ

Dango grabbed the mic to announce that he hates TNA Wrestling, before several doctors wheeled out a covered cadaver on a gurney, as the head doctor brought it back to life with a battery - PCO is back.

PCO wasted no time, slugging Dango and choke throwing him over the top rope, before a big tope cannonball wiped Dango out completely. Alpha Bravo came in as PCO went up top, shaking the rope as PCO landed awkwardly on top of his head whilst attempting the PCO-Sault. The ref threw this one out, and as Oleg Prudius went to turn this into a three-on-one beatdown, former TNA Champion Rhino made his way to the ring to stare down the heels.

TNA Director of Authority Santino Marella was out next, and turned this into a six-man tag match with Jake Something coming out to join PCO and Rhino.

Rhino, PCO, & Jake Something def. Dirty Dango, Oleg Prudius, & Alpha Bravo

Something leaped over the tope rope from the ramp with a huge double clothesline, as this turned into a wild six-man brawl. PCO hit a big PCO-Sault onto the heels on the floor then hit a diving cannonball from the top onto Dango on the apron. Order prevailed as this became a proper six-man tag, with Dango’s crew getting the upper hand by isolating Rhino in their corner. This advantage didn’t last long though, as Jake Something came in to get a piece of Dango, before PCO and Bravo squared off in the middle of the ring. Lungblower and a Bret’s rope legdrop took Bravo out, before Prudius and Rhino started slugging it out, Rhino taking the former Vladimir Koslov down before launching Dango from the top and hitting a Gore on Bravo as Dango evaded it. Big powerbomb from Something onto Dango onto Bravo, before a PCO-Sault onto Bravo secured the win.

We saw footage from earlier today of a car door opening in the parking lot, and a glamorous blonde woman exiting the vehicle.

Decay def. MK Ultra (c) - Knockouts World Tag Team Championships

Unannounced match time, as Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly made their way to the ring to the surprise of the commentary booth. The lights went out as Decay made their return, with Rosemary and Havok coming back with no sign of Jessicka or Courtney Rush.

Havok and Rosemary ran wild fro the off, making Slamovich almost look vulnerable for the first time in her TNA career. Slamovich soon came back with a rebound double stomp to flatten Rosemary, with the champs then taking it in turns to slam one another onto Rosemary. Killer Kelly was manic as ever as she booted Rosemary’s head off. Havok finally tagged in and planted the champs with headbutts, a big double clothesline, and a double vertical suplex. Slamovich managed to get Havok up for the Snowplow but could only get a one-count, Slamovich looking visibly unsettled as Havok sat up. Double chokeslam by Havok and a tandem Sky High on Kelly saw Decay become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

TNA President Scott D’Amore spoke with NFL Alumni’s Huddle For Health campaign.

Gia Miller caught up with Steve Maclin, as the former TNA World Champion put the entire locker room on notice.

Scott D’Amore then came out with Lucha Libre AAA’s President Dorian Roldán Peña, D’Amore saluting the partnership between the two promotions. Peña gave thanks to D’Amore and TNA, before saying the two sides will exchange talent, bring more lucha libre to TNA, and will change the landscape of professional wrestling over the next year. D’Amore then made it official, with the two presidents signing an official partnership agreement. 

Chris Sabin (c) def. KUSHIDA, & El Hijo Del Vikingo - TNA X-Division Championship

Fast paced action - of course - as Sabin, Vikingo, and KUSHIDA flew out of the traps exchanging arm drags, all looking for an opening. KUSHIDA got the first laugh, sending his opponents outside and flattening Sabin with an apron cannonball. Vikingo soon made his mark with a springboard hurricanrana onto Sabin, then a plethora of kicks and an inverted frontflip dragonrana onto KUSHIDA. The champ was not to be outshone, crushing his challengers with German Suplexes, but no one man could maintain a prolonged period of dominance. 

KUSHIDA was working Sabin and Vikingo’s arms looking for a Hoverboard Lock, as Vikingo did his thing proving why he is one of the most exciting luchadors working today. Big moonsault to the floor by the Mega Champion, but back in the ring all three men took their turns to fly before a triple clothesline sent everyone down. Sabin was the first to regain his composure but could only get a two after form of a Jay Driller on Vikingo. Vikingo came back with an inverted G2S, then a springboard running 450 onto Sabin on the ramp. KUSHIDA took Vikingo down as he had Sabin in his sights in the ring, connecting with an avalanche Hoverboard-lock-suplex, then a Hoverboard onto Sabin as Vikingo flattened him with a diving stomp. 

The relentless pave slowed down as Sabin and Vikingo exchanged chops, before Sabin hit a super clean diving Canadian Destroyer on the ramp. KUSHIDA was waiting, but Sabin was alert, hitting a huge avalanche German Suplex. Cradleshock and the 123 as Sabin successfully retained the belt. Very fun, exactly what you want from the X Division.

Josh Alexander def. Alex Hammerstone

Big reaction for Alex Hammerstone as he makes his TNA debut, taking on former two-time TNA World Champion Josh Alexander. Handshake to start things as duelling chants rang out, Hammerstone getting first blood after flooring Alexander with a forearm smash after the two tried to out-grapple one another. Hammerstone followed up with a diving plancha, but Alexander was quick to come back, targeting the former MLW World Champion’s knee and taking the big man to the mat. Hammerstone fired back, launching Alexander with a release belly-to-belly suplex out of the corner, but Alexander regrouped on the apron, lifting Hammerstone up and over for a drop down rib breaker onto the edge of the ring. 

Alexander got Hammerstone in an Ankle Lock but couldn’t lock it in as Hammerstone fought out. An enraged Hammerstone rose to his knees and invited some kicks, eating two kicks to the face before launching ‘Walking Weapon’ up into a standing Blackhole Slam. Big powerslam got a two for Hammerstone, but his knee was still showing signs of fragility, Alexander smelling blood and finally grapevining Hamerstone’s leg as he sunk the Ankle Lock. Hammerstone managed to make the rope, Alexander looking frustrated as the hold was broken. Hammerstone fought through the pain to hit a Nightmare Pendulum, but he was slow to make a cover, Alexander managing to roll to the apron before an attempt was made. 

Hammerstone fought on, hitting a big Spicolli Driver onto the apron, then a missile dropkick and a TKO for two. Alexander was not going out easily, but a roaring elbow attmpet met nothing but meat as an enraged Hammerstone hit a plethora of suplexes and a sitout powerbomb for two. Alexander rollup for two, then a big release German suplex and a beautiful C4 Spike for the win.

ABC (c) def. The Rascalz, Grizzled Young Vets, & Mike Bailey & Laredo Kid - TNA World Tag Team Championships

Laredo Kid stepped in to team with Mike Bailey as Trent Seven was caught up with travel issues. 

GYV started off, Zack Gibson and James Drake tangling with Ace Austin and Chris Bey until The Rascalz tagged in to run absolutely wild on Bey. Laredo Kid and Mike Bailey were next in, getting the first pin attempt as all eight men ran in for staredown. The ref restored order as ‘Speedball’ teed off on ‘Liverpool’s Number One’ Gibson, but the GYV fought back to take down Bailey and Laredo Kid, isolating Bailey as they sought to establish dominance. It was working until Zachary Wentz blind tagged Drake and suplexed him for his trouble, allowing ‘Speedball’ to level The Rascalz with kicks as he sought a tag. Super Michinoku Driver by Laredo Kid on Wentz got a two, before the champs made their way back in to pummelWentz with a tandem Torute Rack calf kick neckbreaker. The rascalz and ABC brawled as Laredo Kid and SPeedball came back in with kicks, as legal men GYV ran in to try and steal the match, Wentz kicking out at two after taking a shellacking.

Fast paced action with lots of quick tags, GYV hitting a monstrous Doomsday Device on Wentz for two as Bailey made the save. Speedball went inside out with a moonsault to the floor, leaving Drake and Kid alone in the ring. Bailey regained composure to hit a poisonrana on James Drake as Laredo Kid hit a 450 onto Gibson on the floor. Ultimate Weapon on Drake looked to seal it but Rascalz saved the day, Miguel hitting a flying headscissors to Kid to the floor as Wentz hit a huge UFO Cutter on Bailey. A fired up Rascalz ran wild on Drake, but Ace Austin broke it up. ABC and The Rascalz slugged it out in ring, ABC coming out on top to hit The Art of Finesse and The Fold on Trey Miguel to successfully regain the straps.

Jordynne Grace  def. Trinity (c) - TNA Knockouts World Championship

Ash by Elegance (fka Dana Brooke) watched on from the crowd, revealed to be the glamorous guest from the chauffeur driven car earlier. In-ring introductions for this one, as Trinity and Call Your Shot Gauntlet winner Jordynne Grace shook hands.

Grace started strong, but Trinity peppered ‘The juggernaut’ with kicks to look for an opening, Grace shaking it off to hit a swinging slam for two. Grace used her power to land several slams, even going for an early Juggernaut Driver attempt, but the champ fought out. Big diving crossbody by Trinity and a headspike got her a two, but Grace soon fired back, looking to dominate the champ with an alley oop powerbomb. Trinity showed heart, slugging Grace, but ate a stiff lariat, a tope suicida, and a Juggernaut Jackhammer on the floor. Trinity managed to avoid a follow-up on the floor, taking the fight back into the ring and taking Grace’s head off with a penalty kick. Grace fought back to her feet as the two exchanged slaps but Trinity fired back with a corner bulldog and split legged moonsault for two. 

A relentless Grace continued her assault with a big Muscle Buster but could only get a two count. Trinity fired back up with a Starstruck attempt, then got a nearfall after a rearview. Heatseeker attempt by the champ was reversed as Grace brought the fight to the apron, but Trinity fought back, hitting the Heatseeker for a two count. Trinity showed that Grace wasn’t the only won with power in this match, hoisting the ‘Juggernaut’ up for a big sitout powerbomb into a Starstruck. Grace fought on though, standing up whilst still in the hold and launching the champ with a German suplex and a Juggernaut Driver to win the match and regain the Knockouts World Championship.

Moose def. Alex Shelley (c) - TNA World Championship

Moose was flanked by his new group The System for this main event, with Brian Myers, Eddie and Alisha Edwards cornering the former TNA World Champion. Alex Shelley did not come alone though, with Chris Sabin and KUSHIDA backing him up in case things get messy.

Shelley started dirty, spitting water at Moose as the bell rang, and getting first blood by taking the big man down into an armbar. Moose fought out to send the champ rocking with a beautiful dropkick, but Shelley had done enough damage. The fight spilled to the floor as Moose started his assault, slamming Shelley into the mats with his good arm. Shelley managed to find an opening, continuing to target Moose’s arm, eve taking a page out of KUSHIDA’s book with a Hoverboard Lock. Moose managed to power out and took his frustrations out on Shelley’s face, his wrists, and his ankles, before hitting the champ with a series of slaps. 

Moose hit a one armed uranage for two, but Shelley again fought back, avoiding a powerbomb with a big spiking DDT on the former champ. Shelley got a foothold into the bout, sending the big man to the floor then hitting a baseball slide, and a Shellshock (Sister Abigail) on the floor. Moose just barely beat the referee’s ten count and got a Shellshock into the corner for his troubles, Shelley following up with a series of pin attempts to try and put this one away. Border City Strecth attempt was thwarted, allowing Moose to hit the powerbomb for two. Back and forth action as Shelley took back control with a Sliced Bread for a nearfall, as Moose’s associates The System came down the ramp. TimeSplitters ran out to take care of Myers and Edwards, with Shelley Sending Moose to the ramp. Both men jockeyed for position o the ramp, and after avoiding another Moose powerbomb, Shelley dropped off the ramp to drive Moose’s bad arm into the edge of the ramp.

Moose would not stay down, and despite the champ showing a harder edge Moose with one arm still beat him in a chop battle. Shelley fired up though with a roaring elbow and headkicks, before turning Moose inside out like Rikishi off a clothesline after eating a nasty Moose headbutt. Shelley went for another Shellshocked, but Moose fought out and hit a huge spear out of nowhere to get the win and regain the TNA World Championship.

As The System came out to celebrate with the new champ, Nic Nemeth made his TNA debut, coming face-to-face with the new champ and sending him reeling with a superkick and a ZigZag before escaping through the crowd. Nemeth tore his shirt to reveal a TNA vest as the crowd went wild.

Full results, TNA Hard to Kill, January 13 2024:

  • Moose  def. Alex Shelley (c) - TNA World Championship
  • Jordynne Grace def. Trinity (c) - TNA Knockouts World Championship
  • ABC (c) def. The Rascalz, Grizzled Young Vets, & Mike Bailey & Laredo Kid - TNA World Tag Team Championships
  • Josh Alexander def. Alex Hammerstone
  • Chris Sabin (c) def. KUSHIDA, & El Hijo Del Vikingo - TNA X-Division Championship
  • Decay def. MK Ultra (c) - Knockouts World Tag Team Championships
  • Rhino, PCO, & Jake Something def. Dirty Dango, Oleg Prudius, & Alpha Bravo
  • PCO def. Dirty Dango by DQ
  • Gisele Shaw  def. Xia Brookside, Jody Threat, Tasha Steelz, Alisha Edwards, & Dani Luna - Ultimate X
  • Crazzy Steve def. Tommy Dreamer (c) - TNA Digital Media Championship No DQ Match - Pre-Show
  • Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers def. Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian - Pre-Show
  • Steve Maclin def. Rich Swann - Pre-Show

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