Tommaso Ciampa: WWE NXT Is Still Triple H's Vision

Ciampa is seemingly not concerned about NXT’s ‘impending changes’

Much has been made of WWE NXT’s impending changes, with the recently revealed new logo dividing fan opinion online.

Rumours about the upcoming changes have made their way backstage to the NXT talents, with Tommaso Ciampa giving his take to Busted Open Radio’s Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca:

“I mean there’s always noise in wrestling, you know?” started Ciampa “That’s all I can chop it up for now and I did - I’ll be the first to admit man, I got caught up in it a lot, five, six, seven years ago, whatever it may [be] and you really - [there was a] point where I was reading the internet and keeping up on it and stuff and I tended to pull back a lot from that especially the last few years since having a daughter. I don’t know if it’s a combination of I don’t have time and I just realised that how little it affects my life. It’s rumblings, it’s rumours. I did see the logo and I don’t know, cool. I’m not very picky. I’m not one of those fashionistas. Yeah, sure. Throw some pink splatter on a gold and black logo, whatever. It’s fine with me. 

“NXT for me, it’s hard sometimes for me to articulate it. It’s - when I was sitting at home back when I lived in Charlestown, I still remember the exact moment, I was watching on my phone, NXT ArRIVAL and I saw Cesaro in the ring with Sami Zayn and just went, ‘I gotta be there. I have -’ it’s the first time I ever felt that way and at that point, I think I’d been wrestling for 12 years. I was like, ‘I have to be there.’ It’s just - what it represented, it was taking the indie style and putting the lights behind it, the music and the production and going, ‘Hey, we’re going to deliver. Bell to bell, we’re going to deliver but we’re also going to have a commentary team that can support it and tell our story and we’re gonna have entrances and this awesome vibe and crowd and atmosphere’ and it just had everything that I personally loved about pro wrestling as a kid growing up and then I started to watch it continue to grow.

“What’s to come for me? I’m still there. I’m still on NXT and Hunter and Shawn [Michaels] and all these great minds, their vision [is] still there. I see them every week, every time I go to TV they’re there. So it’s hard for me to read too much into an internet report when my day-to-day life, my week to week life hasn’t really changed a lot, you know? I’m still going to work and saying, ‘Hey, I think my promo can get the best reaction and tell the best story this way. I think the match could go this way or that way’ and we’re still being heard and we’re still seeing our visions being delivered and put through on camera to a wider crowd at home through USA [Network] and stuff so it’s hard for me to buy in too much to — I just don’t think I’m going anywhere. So, and as long as Tommaso Ciampa gets ten, 15 minutes on NXT, you’re gonna see me doing what I do best and what NXT does best. I’m gonna represent the company the way I’ve been representing it the last six years.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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