Toni Storm's WWE NXT Call-Up Was Delayed By The COVID-19 Pandemic

She was supposed to re-debut months earlier

After months away, Toni Storm returned to WWE TV at NXT TakeOver: 31. The former NXT UK Women's Champion has since turned heel and she will face off against Io Shirai and Mercedes Martinez at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. 

Storm recently spoke to Inside The Ropes about moving from NXT UK to NXT and she revealed the COVID-19 pandemic delayed her move to the United States.

"Oh, last year was insane," she said. "I mean, not just for me but for everyone. But for me, I was meant to move to America end of March and then a week before I was set to go, Trump came up and cut all travel restrictions. I mean, fair enough, but just terrible timing for me.

"Luckily, I could stay in my apartment and I waited it out a little longer. Then in May, WWE were like, 'Yeah, you're good to go, green light.' So I packed up all my stuff, got rid of my apartment, went all the way to London to get on the flight. And then there was issues with border control and I couldn't get in. So, long story short, I got stuck in London for about three or four months. So, it's been a crazy journey just getting here. It's been insane. But I'm here now."

Storm was then asked about her full-time NXT call-up and she noted she was supposed to appear on the black and gold brand "quite a few months sooner."

"Yeah, I think I was meant to be there quite a few months sooner, but obviously I got stuck and obviously the UK... It's still in a terrible state now, pandemic wise, but it was terrible back then so we didn't know what was happening with NXT UK either. I was just kind of in-between, like, 'I don't know.' I was living each day not knowing what was going to happen, when I was going to leave, so it was a crazy time. But yeah, it took me until October," the former NXT UK Women's Champion added.

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