Tony Khan Addresses Recent Appearances On AEW TV

Tony Khan has spoken about his recent appearances on AEW TV

Over the last month or so, Tony Khan has been more involved than he ever has been as a character on AEW programming. After welcoming Jack Perry back to AEW, the boss was attacked by Perry and other members of The Elite, leaving him in a neck brace and only able to run the show from back home in Jacksonville. This led to The Elite taking charge of the show in the meantime. 

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Khan appeared once again, this time driving Darby Allin to the arena, flamethrower in hand, to let him into the arena and to save “Team AEW” from a beatdown at the hands of The Elite. Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone asked Khan about his recent TV appearances during the Double Or Nothing 2024 media call, to which Khan responded that his TV time has still been minimal.

“I really tried to limit the amount of appearances I have personally made over the past five years. It would be fair to say that less than one-tenth of 1% of television time has been spent on me over the last five years. That’s how it should be. Occasionally, if a match had to be made or a major announcement, I would come out and do those things. I am planning to visit the fans this weekend and I love being at the events before and after with the live crowd, signing autographs and taking photos whenever I can. It’s really important to me that the focus of the show is on the wrestlers and the wrestling. Even when there is a story like the struggle for control of the company. The power in the office. It’s still important to feature it in the context of a wrestling show and with the wrestlers. 

“Even with last night, I was at most two seconds on the show. That’s how it should be. You don’t need to see a ton of me. It should be about the wrestlers, and the reaction Darby got when he got into the arena. Because the Young Bucks banned him from the arena and Kenny Omega has been out with surgery, there was really only one person who could lift that ban. I felt that ban needed to get lifted. It was really important for the fans going into Double or Nothing for the fans to see Darby and for him to save Bryan Danielson on his birthday and for Bryan and Darby to stand tall.”

Khan went on to double down that it should be the wrestlers showcased on a wrestling show, rather than himself, but felt like the storyline made sense for him to be the one bringing Allin to the arena. 

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