Tony Khan Admires WWE For Watching AEW: Trying To Watch TV Whilst Running Another Show Is Something Else

Tony has his say...

Tony Khan has fired a shot at WWE, saying he is in admiration of their efforts to watch his All Elite Wrestling programming while running their own shows at the same time.

AEW has enjoyed monumental success in 2021, the peak of which undoubtedly came in the latter part of the summer as CM Punk joined the promotion, while rumours of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson also signing with the company persisted.

With WWE presenting SummerSlam 2021 amidst AEW's growing momentum, the promotion turned to Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch.

Speaking to DAZN, when asked if he thought WWE booked SummerSlam 2021 in reaction to AEW's success, Khan said: "I can’t say for sure what’s on their minds. SummerSlam is a big deal for those guys over there so maybe they had it long in their plans that it would be the place that Brock and Becky returned. 

"We’ve got to keep doing what we’ve been doing so far and that’s trying to give people, our fans, the best possible wrestling product we can. That’s what drives us. We can’t base our product on what WWE are doing. How can that ever work? 

“Do they see us as rivals or competition? They say we’re not, but I've heard that AEW shows are on monitors in the Gorilla position over there, so I take that as a compliment if they’re watching us whilst trying to run their own show.

"I also admire them for that because trying to run a show whilst watching another show is something else. I put everything into producing our shows so there’s no way I'd be watching something else whilst trying to get on with things."

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