WWE's Sheamus: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Not One Of The Greatest Football Players Ever

Sheamus, the Liverpool fan

Avid Liverpool FC fan and WWE Superstar Sheamus has claimed Cristiano Ronaldo is not one of the best footballers of all time. 

A debate amongst football fans for several years has been over who is the better player, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Both have also been mentioned as two of the best of all time alongside the likes of Pele, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff.

Sheamus disagrees with this assessment when it comes to Ronaldo, though, and the former United States Champion told BT Sport that Cristiano is just one of the best of the last decade. 

"Don't get me wrong, Ronaldo is probably one of the greatest players. Is he one of the greatest players ever? Absolutely not, he's not. But he's definitely a world-class player and one of the best there's been in the last decade. But even if he scores a penalty, he's all about the camera, mate. D'you know what I mean? Shirt off, where's the camera? Even if he scores a penalty and they didn't win, like, shirts off, whatever. I'm not knocking the guy or hating him; he knows exactly what he's doing. But then you look at [Ibrahima] Konate, right, and he's just the complete opposite. But who are people going to remember in 20 years time? They're going to remember Ronaldo," Sheamus said.

The Celtic Warrior then gave his thoughts on Ronaldo's chances inside the squared circle and Sheamus doesn't think the Manchester United player will last five seconds.

"Nah. He wouldn't last five seconds in the ring, mate. He's too soft. He's too soft, bro. Those players go down when the wind blows or a blade of grass hits their shin. They wouldn't last two minutes. I mean, he's got the showmanship, he's just got nothing else. He's got no physicality, that's what I mean," Sheamus added.

One of the best players of his generation, Ronaldo has won silverware at club and international level with Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and Portugal. He is also a five-time Ballon d'Or winner. 

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