Tony Khan Believes Social Media Shots Between WWE & AEW Only Produces Healthy Competition

Shots fired between WWE and AEW is good for healthy competition according to Tony Khan

The old saying ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ is often correct, and as seen in the wrestling industry healthy competition is good for everyone involved in the sport, with the rivalry of WWE and All Elite Wrestling over the last several years bringing the best out in both promotions.

The two sides have at times competed for ratings, and talent, and have engaged in little digs at one another on television, and across social media. AEW President Tony Khan thinks such shots are great for such healthy competition, with Khan saying the following to The Rocker Morning Show:

"Well it's a good question. In the 90's certainly do think a lot that helped fuel the wrestling economy but it was a very different time and things weren't all online all the time. It was a very different time for wrestling and a different time to be a sports fan, I think. It's changed for sports but I think that those rivalries and those debates in sports are pretty healthy and I think for wrestling too it's a big part, for better of for worse, of wrestling fandom now. It definitely is a way that people keep up on the shows and for me, I'm a big big fan of that and I love promoting the shows online and I know that our wrestlers are really engaged socially and makes for healthy competition, I think," said Khan.

Whilst verbal shots between competitors is nothing new in wrestling - just like the territories vs. WWF in the 1980s, or the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s - the discourse between rival fans online can often be toxic.


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