Tony Khan Comments On AEW Revolution Explosion Dud

"Kenny’s master plan, he built a dud."

Tony Khan says the best explanation for the end to AEW Revolution is simply that Kenny Omega failed to rig the final explosive properly. 

A spectacular AEW Revolution show ended on a somewhat lacklustre note as Jon Moxley laid in the ring at the end of his Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match with Omega, who had retained the AEW World Heavyweight Championship against his opponent. 

Although Eddie Kingston tried to save his former rival from what was supposed to be a devastating bang, the final explosion was underwhelming and failed to deliver the promised carnage. 

Speaking on a media call after AEW Revolution, Khan said he was glad both individuals came out okay after a violent match and the last explosion did not go off because - in storyline at least - AEW Champion Omega did not prepare it accordingly. 

Khan said: "Both guys are great. Honestly, I’m glad neither guy came out with a serious injury because it was a really scary match, and they both really put their health at risk for a huge pay-per-view main event. It was awesome. It was a great spectacle, and I think we’re all lucky that the bomb going off in the end didn’t really hurt anybody there.

“Kenny’s master plan, he built a dud. Who would have thought when he drew up the big plan with crayons that the bomb failed to take out both guys out. The battle really delivered, excellent action. Both guys came out okay, which is great because on paper, it looked like the kind of match where somebody could get hurt.

“It looked very cool, and it’s a very deadly, painful match, but at the end, I mean, I don’t know what people really wanted, unless you actually wanted us to explode the guys at the end, there’s only so much you can do.

“So without blowing the ring and both guys up, I think the basic explanation is that Kenny’s ring set to explode, his plan, as a heel, to build this thing with a hammer and nails as we saw, the final bomb just didn’t go off."

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