Tony Khan Explains Why He Hasn't Bought Out Wardlow's Contract

Why hasn't Tony Khan just signed Wardlow?

Since Wardlow turned on MJF at Revolution in March, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has done everything in his power to make his employee's life miserable.

Mr Mayhem was initially forced to stay at home due to his employment contract with Friedman but MJF has since allowed Wardlow to wrestle without entrance music and he has to be escorted to and from the ring in handcuffs.

AEW President Tony Khan does have the option to buy out Wardlow's contract with MJF but he explained why he hasn't done so to Brandon Walker of Rasslin'

"MJF and his family have a lot of money and to be fair, I'm making smart business decisions for the company and we have Wardlow, he's still performing on the company right now and it's on MJF's dime. We work with a lot of people through the Forbidden Door and this is no different. It's a lot of partnerships," Khan said. 

Wardlow will have the opportunity to free himself of MJF at Double Or Nothing if he can defeat the Salt Of The Earth in their singles match. If Wardlow loses, though, he can never sign a contract with All Elite Wrestling. 

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