Tony Khan: I Know AEW Rampage Will Be A Better Show Than WWE SmackDown On October 15

Khan is adamant that his show will be better

Tony Khan says he knows that AEW Rampage will put on a better show than WWE Friday Night SmackDown when the two programs go head-to-head this week, saying the proof can be see in how bad WWE Raw was this week.

AEW Rampage and SmackDown will clash for viewership for the first time on October 15 when a supersized SmackDown and Rampage clash for half-an-hour, meaning wrestling fans will need to decide whether to watch the final 30 minutes of WWE's blue brand or AEW's Friday-night show.

Khan is determined that his product will put on the better show, citing AEW Dynamite's success over NXT in the 'Wednesday Night Wars' and saying that this week's WWE Raw 'sucked'.

Speaking to Robbie Fox on My Mom's Basement, Khan said: "It's the second time they've decided to go head-to-head with us. I want the fans to be able to watch all the wrestling. I'll coin a phrase right now, WYW; Watch Your Wrestling. I want people to watch your wrestling. Whatever you want to watch, watch it.

"A lot of people have chosen to watch AEW because it's the best show. Watch Your Wrestling. I want people to watch everything. It's the second time they've chosen to put their wrestling head-to-head with mine. The last time they did it, it didn't happen overnight, but from the start, AEW consistently did better numbers than NXT and we eventually won that war and AEW is now the Wednesday night show and Wednesday Night Dynamite has had a great run.

"On Friday, they're doing a half-hour head-to-head with Rampage, which is new. I put my show on consciously after SmackDown knowing there is a huge audience of people that watch that show and a lot of people are going to watch Rampage, which has been a hit for TNT. They're literally going to do a half-hour head-to-head, that's fine. We'll see what happens.

"I'm not saying for sure we'll win and maybe the odds are against us in some ways, but we're going to do the better show, I know. If you don't believe me, watch the go-home show [Raw] they did last night because it sucked."

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