Tony Khan Comments On Reports Of WWE NXT Moving To Tuesday Nights

Dynamite could be unopposed very soon

The Wednesday Night Wars are reportedly coming to an end and recent reports have noted WWE NXT will move to Tuesday nights from April 13, 2021. 

NXT has been opposed by AEW Dynamite in the ratings since October 2019 and All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan reacted to reports of the black and gold brand's move during an interview with Forbes.

"I don't know if that's a real thing or not, but it would be great to be unopposed and I'd love to have an unopposed audience. When we have, we've done some really good numbers and I think that would be awesome," Khan said.

Later in the interview, Khan was asked about his "balance of power" tweet from December and he reiterated that he believes power in professional wrestling has shifted to his company. 

"If you look at the ratings, year-over-year, the only wrestling company that didn't plummet in the ratings in February - year-over-year - was AEW. So, yeah, I do think the balance of power has shifted, to the fans and AEW. We keep signing more great wrestlers, and in the next week, you'll see more wrestlers debuting in AEW," Khan continued.

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