Tony Khan Reveals He Now Works More Than 80 Hours A Week

Tony Khan working more than 80 hours a week

In the titanic battle of Tony Khan vs. sleep, sleep is well and truly losing. 

Tony Khan was already working at least 80 hours every week due to his commitments to All Elite Wrestling, Fulham FC, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Khan's working hours have only increased since the debut of AEW Collision in June and the AEW CEO has revealed he now works well over 80 hours. 

"80 hours is nothing. That was before Collision. Before that, 80 hours was a good week. I'm way past that now. You know, I'm the only person who has never missed an AEW show. We had a referee that had never missed a show until a few weeks ago. He missed a Collision so now I'm the one. And, God bless this guy, he made hundreds of shows. Dynamite alone, we've done 206 episodes, so that's not counting Rampage, Collision, and all the pay-per-views. So now I'm the iron man. But what else am I going to do?" Khan told Insider

With such a busy schedule, Khan admitted he doesn't do anything to relax and he simply watches English football matches when he doesn't have any immediate commitments to AEW, Fulham, or the Jaguars. 

Alongside his AEW roles, Khan is the Director of Football at Fulham FC and the Chief Football Strategy Officer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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