Tony Khan Reveals Plans For AEW All-Atlantic Championship

PAC won the AEW All-Atlantic Championship at Forbidden Door

With such a stacked roster, introducing the All-Atlantic Championship into AEW made a lot of sense, giving wrestlers something else to fight for. However, with only so much airtime, it was also seen by many as unnecessary, with AEW programming not needing another title in the mix to further complicate matters.

As seen on the recent episode of AEW: Dark, Champion PAC defended the title against Shota Umino in RevPro in England, and according to Tony Khan on My Mom’s Basement, the All Atlantic Championship is to be defended around the world in different promotions:

“We have a great All-Atlantic Champion in PAC and the way he’s defending the title now, it’s going to be a little different than the way some of our other champions have,” Khan said. “PAC is defending the title around the world. He’s a fighting champion. We have a lot of fighting champions in AEW who are fighting on Dynamite, Rampage every week, and also on Pay-Per-View. PAC won that title on Pay-Per-View at Forbidden Door, but we’ll see if he comes back to America as the All-Atlantic Champion because he’s scheduling defences oversees that I signed off on and really encouraged.”

PAC is next set to defend the gold against LJ Cleary at OTT Wrestling Poetry Slam in Dublin on July 22.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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