Tony Khan Says He Will Eventually Step Aside In AEW, But Is Having More Fun Than Ever

Tony Khan has no plans to step aside currently from AEW, but knows he will eventually do so

Tony Khan has been at the head of AEW’s creative and the acting General Manager both in and out of kayfabe ever since day one of the promotion. There have been some calls from those online for change in AEW’s creative team, though Khan has thus far remained in his role at the top of the ladder. He was asked about the prospect of moving on at some point and stepping aside during the media call for the upcoming AEW Dynasty PPV, and admitted that at some point, his time to step aside would come. 

“Certainly, at some point, we would have to see where we’re at. With all positions, nobody lasts forever, and eventually, that’s something, with any position in any organization I’m in will be a reality. Whether it’s the Jaguars, Fulham, AEW, or True Media. I won’t be here forever. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my life, being involved in these shows, work on these shows, and do creative planning. I’m having more fun than ever right now. I take it year to year, moment to moment, and really love what we’re doing right now. I’m only 41 years old and I feel like the company is in a strong place and some of the greatest wrestlers in the world are loyal to me personally, and I’m really proud of that, and hopefully, I can continue to do my best to repay them.”

Khan didn’t provide any sort of timeframe here, though he does imply that if he were to step aside then it won’t be for a very long time, especially since, in his words, the company is continuing to grow and he is having a lot of fun right now. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly