Top 10 WWE Managers Of All Time

Who are the 10 best WWE managers ever?

All sports stars have managers to handle their affairs, sorting those behind-the-scenes deals, angling for good paydays, maybe even bribing an official or two - who's to say? With professional wrestling having the pretence of a real legitimate sport then it's no big surprise that managers play a big role in the world of sports entertainment too, and can be that little ingredient to help a lukewarm feud become must-see action.

When it comes to managers in WWE, it's an inconsistent affair. From the highs of the 80s where several Hall of Fame-worthy agents looked after the interests of myriad stars, through the middling mid-2000s and beyond where traditional bosses became a rarity, and everyone on the roster had to lace up their boots to justify their paycheque, the role of managers and hangers-on has gone through many major changes.

From the Rock ’n' Wrestling Connection until present day, we've ranked the 10 best WWE Managers ever. Honourable mentions to The Grand Wizard and Arnold Skaaland who did their managerial work before WWE's 80s explosion.

10. Chyna

16852 chyna triple h

It is no hyperbole to say that Chyna changed the game when she arrived in 1997, with the Ninth Wonder of the World soon becoming one of the biggest stars in the industry.

Coming in as Triple H’s bodyguard, Chyna was instantly positioned as quite frankly, a hard-as-nails enforcer just begging for a fight. Didn’t matter who what where or why, if they got in Triple H’s way then Chyna would punch them square in the balls. And the crowd loved it.

As Triple H made his way up the card, Chyna’s visibility increased, and her propensity for testicular trauma ensured that Hunter won a litany of championships.

So effective was Chyna in the role that WWF eventually put her in the men’s singles division, as seemingly every other company on the planet debuted their own Chyna rip-offs – Asya we’re looking at you.

As Trips rode off with Stephanie McMahon, Chyna found herself the object of Eddie Guerrero’s affection, eventually succumbing to his charm and becoming his ‘Mamacita’ – a short-lived yet very popular pairing.

But it all comes back to that initial run with Triple H and D-Generation X, a role that set her on the path to superstardom, and earned a rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame for Chyna.

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